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How to Shave with an Electric Shaver? Comprehensive Guide

Electric shavers are very resourceful because they are washable and reusable. They help us get a quick shave in the morning, and get out of the house looking neat. Electric shavers are used all across the world. Many people use them for the private shaving requirements. They are smooth and tend not to cause bumps on your skin, as compared to blades. Many people tend to use the electric shavers the wrong way though. The bumps and irritations might be inevitable if you cannot use the electric shaver properly. They are not difficult to learn how to use though.

We seek to ensure you are educated about all aspects of electric shavers. We want you to be conversant will all the aspects of electric shavers, and how to use them properly. This is a comprehensive guide on how to shave using an electric shaver. The guide will show you how to shave both long and short hair, to ensure a smooth irritation-free haircut. Everyone loves a good haircut, but many people tend to shy away from cutting their hair when they imagine they might experience irritation.

How to Shave with an Electric Shaver

First, ensure you have the right shaver for your requirements. People are different and have different hair textures, hairlines and face contours. You can consult specialists to help you identify the best type of electric shaver for you. Many electric shavers are used for dry shaving, though there are modern shavers that can wet shave. They are a bit costly though. Wet shaving goes a long way in avoiding irritation.

Always start by washing your face clean with warm water. This helps soften the facial hair, making it easy to cut and get a clean smooth shave. Wash your face with water and a gentle facial cleanser. Use products that work for your skin. Get a soft cloth and dip in hot water, then hold it for a few minutes over your beard if you have no time for a full face-wash.

Use a pre-shave that work well with your skin. Many pre-shave products have Vitamin E which ensures your skin is protected and you experience no irritation.

Learn your facial hair grain direction. You will notice that when your hair grows, it tends to curve in a certain direction. Move the shaver over the hair in that direction. Moving it in the opposite direction will be met with resistance, and it’s what usually causes the irritation. Move the shaver smoothly over the grain direction of the hair, and you should have no problem. If you are using the shave for the first time, it might feel a bit sensitive on your face, but you will get used to it with time.

If you have long hair, you might want to consider cutting it down with some scissors before you work on it with the shaver. This will also help you avoid irritation. Working on long hair with an electric shaver can be a bit tricky.