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How to Install Whole House Water Filter? Comprehensive Guide

There is an old adage that says, “water is life.” It certainly is. You cannot live without water, even for a short while. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity for any household. We all know the water provided in municipal pipes is not very clean, in as much as they may have filtered it. The pipes that that water go through have been there for decades. You cannot drink such water directly from the tap. Every how the need to have a whole house water filter, to ensure that water that comes out of any tap in the house is clean and safe for drinking.

We seek to ensure you have clean drinking water at all times. We want to ensure you do not have to worry about unhealthy drinking water at your home. This is a comprehensive guide on how to install a whole house water filter. The guide will outline the steps for installing a whole house water filter in your house. Many people believe that you need a plumber for it, while it is quite easy when you have the right tools. You can easily install the whole house water filter if you are a hands-on person.

How to Install Whole House Water Filter

You are going to need the following tools and materials to be able to install the water filter. N

  • Bucket
  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Teflon Tape

Follow the steps outlined below.

  1. You need to find a strategic spot to install the filter. The filter will be serving the whole house, or at least where you need drinking and cooking water. The best spot is the lowest point of the house piping system. That way you will have the whole house captured.
  2. Turn off the water supply at the main switch, and open the nearest faucet to the point you have decided to install the filter. It will release the pressure and drain all the water in the pipes.
  3. Cut the pipe at the point where you have decided to place the filter. There is a template that comes with the water filter kit, that shows you how to take measurements and cut the pipe. Ensure you install the filter in an accessible spot as you will need to periodically replace the filters
  4. You need to then attach the fittings according to the guidelines of the filter kit’s manufacturer, on both ends of the pipe. Use the Teflon tape to ensure a good seal between the fitting and the filter port. Tighten the fittings until they are snug.
  5. Now install the filter cartridge, and ensure you have the direction of flow correct. The cartridge should have the ports labeled in and out to ensure you get them right. Tighten the filter in place, and ensure it remains straight and upright.

6.    The filter has a lever that you use to turn through inlet valve on, off or bypass positions. Turn the water back on, and inspect the filter connection for any leaks. Turn the filter to on, and wait for the water at your tap. Taste it find out whether there is a difference.