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How to Clean an Electric Shaver? Comprehensive Guide

Electric shavers are being used all across the world. There are people who still have reservations about them, but that’s possibly because they have not found the right electric shaver for themselves. Electric shavers will give you a smooth and irritation-less shave, you use properly. The are many types of electric shavers available. You just need to understand your hair types and get the shaver that works best for you. Electric shavers work faster and more efficiently. You would certainly love using them when your skin gets accustomed to them. Some people’s skin is quite sensitive to the electric shavers and takes time to adjust.

We seek to ensure you have a good experience with whichever electric shaver you are using. We want to ensure you are able to shave in a comfortable and irritation-less manner. Ensuring your electric shaver is clean is one of the most important aspects of ensuring you take care of your skin. You need to clean your electric shaver every time you are done using it. Do not leave it with dirt, as it will start accumulating bacteria, which could be harmful to your skin next time you go shaving.

How to Clean an Electric Shaver

You need to generally clean your electric shaver after every shave, and do a deep cleaning once a week. We are going to look at how you do a deep cleansing on the electric shaver. Cleansing your electric shave will ensure it lasts longer.

  • Ensure the shaver is switched off and unplugged from the power before you start shaving.
  • Remove the cutter head of the shaver by lifting off the support. You can consult your manual on how to do this if you are having challenges with it.
  • Use a brush to brush off the hairs that have accumulated on the cutter head. Many electric shavers are offered with their own cleaning brush. You can use the small paint brush if your shaver does not have one. Make sure the paintbrush is new. Do not tap the head of the cutters on anything, as you will damage the precision combs.
  • Brush the frame of the cutter head of all the dirt hairs too.
  • Detach all other parts that can be detached from the shaver. You will get some hot water, liquid soap, and a small brush. You could buy a shaver cleaner instead of water and soap. Gently brush all over the parts of the shaver with the damp brush. You can use a disinfectant with the water or cleaner to ensure you kill bacteria on the shaver too. You will dip the brush into the shaver cleaner to get it damp.
  • Rinse all the detaches parts with clean hot water, and dry them with a towel. Lay them in the open and allow them to air dry too. Once everything has dried up will assemble the shaver back together.

The exact steps of cleaning an electric shave might differ from shaver to shaver. They are just general steps. You need to read the manual of your electric shaver and ensure you do everything right.