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This Disclosure aims at re-assuring our partners, visitors, and clients of our commitment to fully complying with the laid-out laws and regulations. We subscribe to the laws and regulations that govern endorsements, advertising, marketing testimonials internet communications and transactions as they are worldwide.

We can receive and accept advertising revenues and other forms of remunerations at our discretion provided they are within the law. The revenues do not affect the type of content we publish though. The reviews published herein are factual and unbiased. We strive to review products are effective and not defective too. We also respect the right of various parties concerning the type of information we can disclose about them. We aim to inform rather than influence decisions and perceptions.


Our Pages do display Google Ads. We are not responsible for the Google Ads on our page in any way. We do not select the Ads shown on our pages. If there is a Google Ad on the page and a review on a similar product on the page, it is a sheer coincidence and not an effort to influence your perception.

We uphold high standards in the quality of goods and services from non-Google advertisers pushed through the websites. We appreciate any external legal support we receive. The support does not have any influence on the content published on our pages though. The information published remains independent and factual.

Affiliate Links

We are also affiliate marketers. There are affiliate links on our website. These affiliate links will take you to a landing page with a product or service that you can purchase. You are at your own discretion to click on the links. We do not guarantee the quality of the product or service you get from such links, neither do we provide warranty for them. We receive remuneration for generating the leads though. We strive to make our affiliate connections known for the sake of transparency. The content published on our pages is still independent of such links.

Below are some of our affiliate programs.

We are part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an advertisement program that allows sites to generate leads to Amazon products and earn incomes.

We are also part of the Amazon.com.ca, Inc. Associates Program. It is yet another affiliate program used to generate traffic to Amazon and earn commissions from a purchase made.

We are also part of the Amazon Europe S.a.r.l Associates Program. The program involves linking and advertising for, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr., Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon. It

We have other minor affiliate connections, and their links are present in our pages. That does not imply that every link on the page is an affiliate link. We link to some pages with relevant information that we think you might need about certain products. Clicking on the link will land you on other pages that are out of our jurisdiction. We shall not be liable for any risks, losses, damages or injuries accrued from those pages. By clicking on the links, you also consent to the terms and conditions of the landing page.