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CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Ronald Jacobs is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief. He is a technology enthusiast and professional. Mr. Jacobs has garnered a wealth of knowledge in matters of technology after being in the industry for many years. He loves to keep up with technology innovations and trends across the globe. He believes technology can improve people’s quality of life. He loves to travel too. He has traveled far and wide to come face to face with the best technological innovations of recent times. His travels have enabled him to appreciate the different technologies that emanate from the needs created in various diversities.

Mr. Jacobs prides himself in driving this platform, which brings you the best insight regarding various products. He strives to ensure the reviews herein are based on facts and rigorous research. He wants you to get the best products technology has to offer and get them in the best form and at the best price. He takes part in the whole process of exploring the various products and compiling the reviews. He believes the guide should be consumer oriented rather than product oriented. They should offer solutions to consumer queries and provide advice that is relevant. He also strives to ensure the information is present in a precise and concise manner.